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Collaboration - When Nature Takes Over

Communities that are not politically or economically powerful are subject to decay if they are not capable of quick self-rehabilitation. The Niagara Region is one of those such communities. As industries and factories have shut down, we have been left with abandoned properties that are left “in-between acts” in the larger play of ever-changing life. As a property sits on its stage waiting its turn for the “next scene”, we are left to watch nature take over. Nature’s effects can be lovely - sometimes what is left behind to fall to ruin can evoke a sense of nostalgia or be romantic. As artists, we are able to portray these scenes in whatever way we choose. A scene can be depicted as hauntingly beautiful, decomposing and appalling, or just plain factual. No matter the portrayal, it is our chance to make a statement about life as we see it right now.

"The impact of nature and the environment has changed this house and it is as beautiful as it is appalling."

Working in collaboration with photographer Barry Smith, we have come together to create a unique perspective on some of the decaying and abandoned properties they have come across. Using a pink-curtained window as a starting point, we have chosen to create a painting within a picture and begin an endless loop and an endless set of possibilities. The exhibit will include approximately 15 to 20 photographs and paintings that explore the theme of nature’s effect on abandoned properties and what is happening to those properties before the scene changes for the next “act”. Part of the exhibit will be how photograph and painting answer each other in a sometimes abstracted, sometimes impressionistic way. The pinnacle of the exhibit will be a 10x4 ft diptych that combines both photo and painting to create a panoramic view of a Niagara property that has to be celebrated for what it once was, as well as what it will be when the curtain rises again.

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