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Robin C Nisbet

I Love To Paint & Design Beautiful Things

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I was born in Ottawa, Canada. I received my Bachelor of Studio Arts with Distinction from Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. My graphic design work has been nominated by the Canadian Home Builder's Association and I was the winner of the Grand Sam Award for design and marketing excellence.


Life mirrors art. Frederick Nietsche believed art to be the proper task of life. It is a source of pure joy that makes life endurable - it sustains, supports and enhances our lives by forcing us to question, by showing opposing views, and according to Nietsche, is ultimately our purpose for living. Through my artistic journey, family and maturity have paved the way for my true purpose, allowing me to fully express myself. As a wife, mother and career woman, it would be middle age before I gave myself the permission and time required to obtain a B.A. in Studio Art, and paint full time. The layers of acrylic which bring life to my paintings mirror the layers of life experience which are reflected in my work.


I work across a diverse range of mediums including painting, illustration, photography, sculpture and digital. My paintings can be found in private collections throughout Southern Ontario.


I try to find something beautiful in the normal
and everyday vignettes I see in life.

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Artist. Educator. Graphic Designer.

Lover of all things art.


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