Art = Escape

Our world is busy. Our lives are busy. We need to take some time away from the constant business we all face. My favourite way to escape for a little while is to paint. The quiet solitude of painting helps me to stay grounded. Painting or being creative (in any way) allows my mind to have the space it needs to work through problems, to relax, to reflect, to be present and not worry for a little while about all the “busy". 
While primarly drawn to landscape and nature, I also enjoy painting scenes of our current world - especially from my local southern Niagara environment. I love how paintings can tell the stories of life without any need for words.

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Paint with me virtually

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm on Zoom

The pandemic has been tough for everyone. We all need a little extra support, so I’ve dedicated my Wednesday evenings to helping anyone (willing to tune in) how to paint. The evenings are part lesson, part support group and always entertaining. We work on a new subject each week. 

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